IC Immigration Services Inc.

Professional Immigration Consulting

If you are in need of immigration services, IC Immigration is the leading team of expert consultants based out of Abbotsford, BC. We are here to support you and provide you with right, genuine and honest guidance for all of your immigration needs.

Why IC Immigration?

Our goal at IC Immigration is to help make your immigration plans come to life. With any immigration needs, our team of experts will help make your dreams a reality. Make the decision to work with people that understand your needs and care about your success while providing exceptional services to make every part of the process seamless and even enjoyable.

We offer immigration services that are unmatched in the industry by helping you action solutions no matter your situation. Our goal is to maintain our high success rate and standard of work while providing you service with a personable connection that makes it easy for you to know what is going on and relax while being able to achieve your goals.

How It Works

Our services provide assistance to individuals and families looking to move to Canada, guiding them through the complex process. These services include assessing eligibility based on factors like education, work experience, and language skills, and offering guidance on completing and submitting various immigration applications. They also provide information about different visa categories, including skilled worker visas, family sponsorships, student visas, and business immigration.

Beyond the application process, these services often extend to helping immigrants settle in Canada. This includes finding housing, securing employment, enrolling in healthcare, and integrating into Canadian society. They also offer legal advice on immigration laws and regulations and keep clients updated on the status of their applications and any relevant changes in immigration policies.